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Customers are the key aspects of a business, without them the business is nothing. Aside from the food, experience is one of the biggest factor that affects a customer’s loyalty to the restaurant. And the secret to that? - An efficient and effective service. Giving them a remarkable service and proving them that they made the right decision to choose you, increases their loyalty that can result to a good word of mouth about the business resulting to more customers, meaning more income.

RCE IT Resource will be more than willing to help you provide this with different restaurant solutions. These Restaurant Solutions will help your business operate a lot better than the usual, so take advantage of our promotional pricing that will let Small Restaurants get the same Enterprise-level Technology at a price they can afford.

Point of Sales Technology

A point of sale system will be of great help in increasing the speed of service, boosting sales and delivering exceptional guest experience. But the need for a POS technology varies on the type of business, the software to use and the type of hardware to run the software. But there is no need to worry, because RCE IT Resource offers different types of solutions that is very flexible enough to meet your business’ needs.

POS Software

Waiting will never be an issue with our POS Softwares. It has been used widely and is very user friendly so that it will be easier for your employees to use it. Margin of errors are greatly lessened and highly avoided. This is very ideal for every type of restaurant, may it be a fast casual, fine dining and the like. It can also be used on fixed terminals, hand held devices and mobile devices.

Restaurant POS Solutions
The catch with this is that there is no contract period required. You get to experience the whole package including everything like the hardware, software, data security, maintenance services and first level support. Software upgrades are also provided. It is very flexible because you can manipulate the products anytime you want. A low risk system at your hand that you can return to us anytime if it didn’t benefit you.

In a very tech savvy world, a POS designed to run on a Tablet and iPad is made to satisfy customer’s needs. We also have a cloud based version making it very portable because it is accessible anywhere. This POS app is adjusted for different types of venues, and best of all it is integrated with your original POS system so you can use them simultaneously. It is also low cost and very easy to set up.
Restaurant POS Solutions

What more can you ask for? Contact us now for more inquiries.

POS Terminals

Restaurant POS Solutions

RCE IT Resource will make sure you will have a reliable hardware that will keep your business running smoothly. We also offer a variety of peripherals, such as scanners, cash drawers and printers, to meet your needs. We also provide if you’re looking for single terminal or multiple terminals.

We offer terminals that ensures you its stability. It can also be used anywhere you need them and we also offer support and maintenance program that will resolve any issue ASAP. We also provide a full unit replacement rather than component replacements for better service and reduced future issues. If you need to balance your business needs and costs constraints we have some affordable POS Terminals for you. But if you need something with more power, we have our high-power POS Terminals too. To know more about this, contact us and we will help you figure out what is the perfect fit for your business. We also have POS Terminals that are very exceptional for its flexibility. They are available with a 15” format and provide multi touch and gesture support. It can also be customized depending on the business’ needs. We can assure you that this is built very well, it can provide you with years of reliable operation.

Restaurant POS Solutions


With relation to your POS solutions, we also provide servers to support your long term investment with it. We offer servers that is very dependable that it can meet with your business needs. We have Servers with long lifespan that are capable for high performances.
Restaurant POS Solutions

Handheld Devices

Restaurant POS Solutions
Anything is almost possible with our technology and that includes incorporating your POS software in a handheld device. It is convenient to carry and is ergonomically designed for better experience not just for the customers but also for you even you are serving for hours. It also has a long battery life and there is an optional MSR integration to the device.

Take out and Delivery

In a fast paced world, people are so busy doing their errands but given that, food should never be out of the picture. Aside from this, people have different preferences and some people like to enjoy their food somewhere else. This is why a business should be flexible enough to meet the demands of the customers and RCE IT Resource have different solutions for that.

We have everything packed into one for you for your take out service, name it; the order entry, order management, production and delivery are there. You can increase income by adding rewards program, and by rendering faster service.

Restaurant POS Solutions

Deliveries is already a trend in restaurants nowadays, and in order to compete well enough with your rivals, you should offer the same service but in order to be ahead of them, you should provide the customers exceptional service. That is why we have delivery solutions just for you

Drive Thru Solutions

The length of a customer's wait for the food is something that you should work on to be short, especially in drive thru. A customer you lose in drive thru is a customer you lose forever, so no drive thru is better than a slow drive thru. Drive thru and Kitchen Production Solutions go hand by hand.

Restaurant POS Solutions
Restaurant POS Solutions

We have an order confirmation board and a drive thru timer for the improvement of your drive thru process. An order confirmation board is fully integrated with the POS to provide the customer visual representation of their orders to avoid confusion and miscommunication and for easier verification. While a drive thru timer will help you monitor and understand real time performance of the store. With this, you can also track average order totals, number of cars, number of orders and the like with the instant reports generated either via web or email that is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Kitchen Production Solution

Restaurant POS Solutions

Every factor that can affect the guest experience should be put into consideration. The length of their wait for the food to arrive is something that you should work on to be short, especially in drive-thru. RCE IT Resource have kitchen production software and hardware that will help you maximize guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimize kitchen errors and reduce waste foods.

A software configured for kitchen production can provide accurate orders from the customers, increase productivity by simplifying data, and increase speed service by being aware of check times. This software can be configured based on your needs and it has a function wherein you can add recipe, images or videos for every item.

For the kitchen hardware, we have different components that can boost your kitchen’s productivity. These are kitchen controllers, bump bars, 17” LCD displays, and printers.

Online Ordering

Restaurant POS Solutions
Using their smartphones or computers, your customers can easily place their orders for takeout or delivery while it is automatically integrated with the POS. You can also benefit from this because you will have the chance to know your customers better by adding surveys or asking for feedbacks, by providing the customers what they want while earning their loyalty, and by increasing your kitchen efficiency when knowing your orders ahead of time.

Guest and Table Management

Aside from the food and the ambiance of the restaurant, how you accept the guests will be a big factor on their experience. In relation to this, we offer two solutions that you will surely need to keep your business running smoothly.

Guest Pad

We offer an iPad and Tablet based application that works its ways to help you and gain better Customer experience. It is capable of alerting your guests when their table is ready, saving special requests when guests follow up, aggregating the wait time data for the monitoring your business operations, and tracking reservations and listing them according to priority. But it doesn’t end with that, you can also send your guests links to view and even pay their check and make changes with the floorplan if you need to.

Restaurant POS Solutions

When our Solutions are built and installed to our standards, you don't need to worry about failed implementations by major Restaurant Chains. Solutions built by RCE IT Resource are designed and built to each location's needs, not to each customer. Whether you have one location or 1000s, we Guarantee a painless install and effective friendly functionality for every location and customer.

Guest Manager

This is perfect for guest management especially on high traffic. It is a software solution that allows your guests to book online using your website, and with a database for that, you can identify your consistent customers. There is also a color coding categorization for walk in, call-ahead and online reservation guests for better management and it increases the seating efficiency by reducing the number of empty seats because it matches the table size to the number of parties.

Digital Menu Board

Restaurant POS Solutions

Even though you cannot physically attend to your guests the moment they walk through the door, you can engage with them by delivering eye catching graphics. You can have control over the board for updating its contents with just a few clicks. This will decrease your printing costs but at the same time enhance your marketing strategy of the restaurant.

Restaurant Payment Processing

With our solution, we will make sure that your transactions are safe, most affordable and efficient. Just let us manage the entire transaction process. We can support different types of payment methods and you can get multi-level integration with direct connections to all major credit card associations. You will also get our POS software and other exclusive product bundles only for you. We can ensure you consistent processing availability and optimal routing times with our turnkey program that includes hardware, software support and services.
Restaurant POS Solutions

Interactive Printer Solutions

Printer Supplies

Restaurant POS Solutions
Restaurant POS Solutions

When it comes to printer supplies, we have everything ready for you, from cleaning, to inking products, laser cartridges and even thermal transfer ribbons.

When it comes to cleaning products we have the whole kit and caboodle to clean the equipment you own. The cleaning cards we use has Waffletechnology that can remove even the most stubborn contaminates. Our products are also very safe to use because it is perfectly designed not to damage your equipment on the process.

Our inking products surely is something you can depend on for its quality. We have an array of inking products such as spool-to-spool, cassette ink ribbons, and porous rubber ink rolls. We include impact inking and encoding ribbons that outperforms our competitors. You can also save up to 75% on Compatible and Remanufactured InkJet Cartridges.

For high quality performance and dependability, while saving printing costs and caring for the environment, our Compatible Laser Cartridges is perfect for you. It is manufactured in ISO certified facilities to match the OEM product and can accommodate most print parameters. We also recycle empty cartridges that reduces landfill waste.

Lastly, our Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR), assures you of superior image clarity and durability. Its product set is also designed to provide fewer ink formulation that meets most of the print applications’ needs.

Restaurant POS Solutions
Restaurant POS Solutions

Paper Receipts

Restaurant POS Solutions
We offer paper receipts that is compatible with every POS system. With this you can expect easier checkout process, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction. Its specifications are OEM approved and it covers all major OEM POS and credit card systems.

Support Services

Restaurant POS Solutions

We’re always here for you anytime you need us, 24x7x365. We have call center either in bound and out bound, web and telephone based. We also have multi language support, detailed call reduction and continuous improvement recommendations and flexible service level agreements.