Data Center infrastructure Auditing (DCIA)


Organizations and their IT requirements evolve and, naturally, so do their data centers and the infrastructure within them.

Factor in advances in technology, increased revenue targets and an ongoing focus on cost savings and there are a lot of variables to contend with. Our teams of technical auditors have vast experience of Data Center Infrastructure Auditing (DCIA). They have the ability to audit spaces of all kinds, using in-depth knowledge of manufacturer specific devices such as servers, storage, network and power infrastructure. Our auditors work with extreme care and attention, auditing devices with minimum intrusion into cabinets and will adhere to any local policies and access control. Each auditor can quickly and efficiently audit each device, exact rack unit height, position and grid location as well as any power or network connectivity

Our cutting-edge handheld auditing tools, accurately and efficiently collect asset information while integrated barcode, RFID and GPS devices allow rapid data collection of an asset database. We are able to provide the data in any format requested, whether it is required to update or maintain an existing DCIM system or Asset Register, or to create a new database. We understand that every data center, IT room and communications cabinet is running business critical IT services. Therefore every audit is conducted with minimal impact and disruption, co-ordinated with clients, whether deemed an intrusive or non-intrusive audit.

RCE IT Resource ensures you the highest level of security, reliability and capability in your data centers facilities.

All different aspects are given focused on, name it, power, cooling, physical and network security and fire suppression. We make sure that the data centers can support the most robust power infrastructures and support a minimum of N+1 redundancy cooling infrastructure. We have different specifications and we're more than willing to discuss it with you. The physical and network security is a crucial factor and should be given much attention because of thee growing number threats at present. We also want to make sure that accidents will be avoided that's why we will equip your centers with a fire detection and suppression system.