Service Desk

Service Desk

Our Service Desk personnel are certified to support all of your Server, Desktop and Laptop Operating Systems, Tablets, Smartphones, Productivity Applications and Network Hardware

Need Help Now? Our Service Desk is the Answer – Just Pick Up the Phone

How much is it worth to your organization to receive help when you need it? Sometimes it is the difference between getting that task, project or bid completed on time, or missing your deadline. Face it – that equates to real dollars and cents. Whether you are located in urban or rural environment, our Service Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because you never know when you will need us.

These are some of the issues our Service Desk can assist you with:

  • Wireless access point support
  • Third party vendor management (hardware, software and service providers)
  • Cloud service provider support
  • Firewall troubleshooting, configuration, and management
  • Web host support
  • Network peripheral support (printers, scanners, fax machines)
  • Purchasing advice, support
  • Asset reporting
  • Network Diagnosis
  • Router troubleshooting, configuration, and management
  • VPN troubleshooting, configuration, and management