Data Center Cabling Audits

data center cabling audits

RCE IT Resource provides a comprehensive network infrastructure audit service. You maybe unaware of underlying network problems until an issue manifests itself in the form of poor data flow rates and even dropped data packets, causing severe network disruption. Our audit comprises of:

Verify the Network Design

The network audit will compare the design of your network with published frameworks and manufacturers reference designs.

Device Configuration

The configuration of your network devices will be evaluated and tested for best practice configuration and standards compliance.


Performance, or the lack of it, is a common reason for performing network audits. We can test both fiber and copper cabling, identify faulty cabling, confirm the integrity of data points and patch panels. Ethernet and Fiber Channel testing. Bit Error Rate (BER) Testing.


Unmanaged networks waste resources. MACs, and fault finding becomes a very time consuming task. If you have no idea what patch leads go where, we can do a full patching audit to identify each link end to end then label all patch cables with a unique number both ends and re-patched neatly. A full end to end patching record including device port numbers and patch panel port numbers is documented and issued to the client on completion.

Voice and interactive Media Readiness Assessment

We can verify if your network is ready for voice, video or any other applications you may be planning to deploy. Any recommendations will be highlighted and backed up with supporting data and references to published frameworks and reference designs.